Relay Texting Overview

Relay Texting Overview

Environment / Applies To

  1. Relay Dash
  2. Relay Pro App
  3. Relay Essentials, Pro, and Enterprise Service Plans

Note: Message History must be enabled for relay texting to work. For information on how to enable, reference this article


Texting reduces the complexity of communication tools that users have to interact with by simplifying text and voice-based communications into a single platform with Relay. There are  situations where someone may prefer to send a text message rather than a voice message, such as when in a meeting or interacting with guests. 

With Texting, App and Dash users can now send text messages on Relay channels. These messages are played out as audio for Relay devices on the channel and displayed as text in message history for other Dash or App users. Note: Dash users won’t get a notification but can read messages in message history. 

Additional Information 

  1. For information on how to send a text to a Relay channel, reference this article
  2. For information on how to view texting message history, reference this article
  3. For information on how texts are received, reference this article 

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