Relay+ Buttons and Physical Layout

Relay+ Buttons and Physical Layout


  1. To better understand the buttons and physical layout of Relay Devices 

Environment / Applies To 

  1. Relay+ Devices
  2. All Relay Service Plans


  1. The Relay device has 4 buttons, some with multiple uses. Let's get to know your Relay. 

  1. TALK:  Press and hold to speak with other Relays. Release the button when you are finished. 
    1. Note: There are a series of LED lights around the talk button, for more information about what these lights mean, reference this article.
  2. RELAY ASSISTANT:  Press and hold to use the Relay Assistant. Quick tap to cycle through the enabled channels on the Relay.
  3. VOLUME UP (+):  Hold Volume Up for 5 seconds to power on the device. Hold again for 5 seconds to power off. Press Volume Up to increase the volume. 
  4. VOLUME DOWN (-):  Press Volume Down to decrease the volume. Hold Volume Down for 5-10 seconds to restart the device. 

Additional Notes

  1. For information on how to use a Relay +, reference this article
  2. For information on Relay Assistant Commands, reference this article

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