Relay Assistant Commands

Relay Assistant Commands


  1. To gain a better understanding of Relay Assistant Commands.

Environment / Applies To

  1. Relay Device


There are several different commands available for the Relay device. These commands can be accessed by pressing and holding down the assistant/channel button as seen below:

While holding down this button, state one of the commands below and the Relay will provide information or activate a certain feature.

The following commands can be used with the Relay: 

WeatherThis command will give local weather conditions 
Time - This command will give local time 
Battery - Provides the battery level of the Relay
Call - Stating "Call [device name]" will cause the Relay to open a call to the device named*
Translate - Stating "Translate [language}" will allow the user to translate to and from the selected language*
[Name of a Group] - If a user states the name of a group while holding down the assistant button, the Relay will switch to that channel
Summon - This command will switch every member into the Main channel regardless of what they were on before. 

Note: The "Weather" and "Time" commands do require location services to be enabled

* These features are only available for Relay Pro and Enterprise account levels

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