How to use a Relay+

How to use a Relay+

How to use your Relay?

Powering a Relay Off/On:
  1. To power on or power off your Relay hold down the Volume Up (+) button for 5 seconds.             

Sending a Message:
  1. Press and hold the talk button, and say your message. Release the button when finished. 

Making a Call with Relay (Pro-Plan only):
  1. Press and hold the Relay Assistant button, then say your command:
    1. Call <Device Name> to call a specific Relay
    2. To accept a call, quickly tap the talk button one time
    3. To end a call, press the Relay Assistant button two times 

Using the Relay Assistant:
  1. Changing Channels - Press and hold the Relay Assistant button, then say your command.
    1. <Group Name> to switch to a specific channel
  2. Relay Assistant Commands - Press and hold the Relay Assistant button, then say your command. 
    1. "Battery" to check battery life
    2. "Name" to identify the device
    3. "Time" to hear the current time
    4. "Weather" to hear your local forecast
  1. Note: Tap the Relay Assistant button one time to hear the name of the device and the current channel. Continue to tap the Relay Assistant button to cycle between available channels. 

Adjusting the Volume on a Relay:
  1. Volume Up (+) button when tapped will turn up your volume.  
  2. Volume Down (-) button when tapped will turn down your volume. 

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