Light Overview

Light Overview

Relay+ devices will have three LED lights enabled at all times to indicate current connectivity status.

Here is a reference to the LED lights you can see from your device:

White LED Arc: 3 White LED lights at the top of the Talk button, indicates that the device is connected and able to send and receive messages.

Red LED Arc: 3 Red LED lights at the top of the Talk button, indicates that the device is NOT connected and is unable to send and receive messages. 

Purple LED Arc: 3 Purple LED lights at the top of the Talk button, indicates that the device is in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode, connected but unable to send and receive messages while DND is on.

White LED Arc with Two Blue LEDs: 3 White LED lights at the top of the Talk button, with two Blue LED lights on the left and right side of the White LED arc indicates that a Bluetooth headset is paired and connected with the device.

Other Lights:
  1. If the entire ring is pulsing red, the device's battery is below 20%. 
  2. If the entire ring is flashing green, this device has a missed message from a direct chat. (Tap the Assistant button to listen to and clear that missed message)
  3. If the device has a spinning orange LED, a panic alert has been created on this device. 
  4. If the device is breathing orange, a panic alert has been acknowledged, but not resolved. 

    Contact Support

    • If you have our FAMILY RELAY product please use the "?" icon in your app or visit the Family Relay Support Page
    • If you have our BUSINESS RELAY product, please access the support page in your account portal and select "Open a Support Ticket". If you are unable to log in, please reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email the Business Support Team here.

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