How to Download Message History Transcriptions

How to Download Message History Transcriptions


  1. Download a channel's daily message history transcriptions to a CSV file

Environment/Applies To

  1. Dash


  1. Login to Dash
  2. Click Communications
  3. Click Messages
  4. Click the channel you'd like to review message history for
  5. The last 7 days of messages will be displayed - click the day that you'd like to review and download message history for
  6. Click Download CSV at the bottom of the screen
  7. If prompted, select the location for the file to be downloaded

Additional Notes

  1. Message history must be enabled on the channel you're attempting to review in order to see any information. Additionally, only messages that are transmitted after message history has been enabled for the selected channel will be viewable.
  2. Message history can only be downloaded by individual days. If you'd like to download multiple days, repeat the steps above for each day you'd like the history for.
  3. Message history is only stored in Dash for 7 days

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