Relay Dashboard: Communications Tab

Relay Dashboard: Communications Tab


  1. At the bottom right side of Dash is your communication panel, this allows you to communicate via Dash, no matter what tab you are viewing. 
    1. The pink microphone allows for you to reply to the channel or direct chat that you are on. Press and hold the pink microphone to send your message. 
    2. If you have a message you can play from this panel, by pressing the play triangle.
    3. If you want to send a message to another channel, select change channel and pick from the list of the pop-up screen.
    4. If you have a Pro-Account, you can place a call by tapping the "Place Call" button and then selecting the device you want to call from the pop-up screen. 
    5. Any notifications you have from missed messages to panic alert notifications will be displayed by a pink dot on the Notifications icon. 

  1. The Communication tab allows you to view conversations if you have Message Persistence enabled for your hardware and software Relays. Any stored messages will be saved for 7 days for you to re-play. 
  2. Channel Management such as summoning devices to your current channel or enabling Auto Channel Change is on the right side of the Communications tab. 

  1. If you have a Pro Account, you can create a Broadcast from the communication tab. Broadcast allows you to send a message to devices or groups. You can choose if the message needs to be acknowledged or not. Once a Broadcast is scheduled it will be listed here as well. 
    1. Broadcast can be repeated or one-time use, with an option to acknowledge or just set as a quick announcement. 
    2. If selecting for a broadcast to repeat, please keep in mind that you need to select a start date first and then select the day it needs to be repeated for. If you are setting a Broadcast for devices in another timezone, there is now an option to select your time zone for that certain Broadcast, otherwise, it will default to your time zone. 

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