How to Use the Relay Translate Feature

How to Use the Relay Translate Feature


  1. Learn how to use the translate feature from a Relay device

Environment/Applies To

  1. Relay devices 
  2. Relay Essentials, Pro, or Enterprise plans


  1. Press and hold the Relay Assistant button on a relay and say "Translate [language]" where [language] represents the language you'd like to translate (i.e. "Translate Spanish") then release the Relay Assistant button
  2. Your Relay should beep once indicating it is now in translate mode
  3. Use the Talk Button to speak your word or phrase into the Relay, just like you would a normal phrase
  4. When you release the talk button, your spoken phrase will be repeated in the other language
  5. Once you're done using the translate feature, double tap the talk button to exit

Additional Notes

  1. Translation can only be used for face-to-face purposes and can not be used from one Relay to another
  2. Relay supports many languages for translation. For a list of all supported languages, see What Languages Can Relay Translate?
  3. If you're not currently on a Pro Plan or Enterprise plan, reach out to your Customer Success Representative for more information

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