The Broadcast feature allows Account Owners or Administrators to send messages to all devices, or distinct users, at any time by typing a message from the Dash console. The message will then be broadcast to all participants via the Relay Assistant

Broadcasts can be used to send quick and scheduled alerts or even create repeated scheduled alerts for selected devices on the account.

(Note: Broadcasts may only be created by Account Owners and Administrators. Users in Dash will not be able to create Broadcasts.)

Creating a Broadcast

  1. Click on Communications on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  2. Click on Broadcast.

  1. Select Create Broadcast at the left side of the screen and the creation wizard will appear in the center of the screen

  1. Select either Send Now or Send Later. If Send Later is chosen, select the time and date you would like the message sent then click Next.
    1. You may also select Repeat, if this is option is selected you will need to select the time and date you'd like the message to stop repeating and also choose a repeating interval between Every Hour, Day, Week, or Month.
  2. Select which devices and profiles you would like to broadcast to, select groups or devices may be chosen, then click Next.
  3. Select whether you would like it to be a Quick Announcement, or Requires Acknowledgement, then click Next

    1. A Quick Announcement requires no interaction from the devices the broadcast is sent to. A broadcast that Requires Acknowledgment will repeat until the Talk Button on the device or the Acknowledge option in Dash is pressed.
  4. Enter in the message you wish to transmit and click Submit.
  5. Dash will ask to confirm the details of your Broadcast. Select Yes if everything is correct or No if you need to edit the broadcast.