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  • If you have our  FAMILY RELAY  product   please use the " ? " icon in your app or  visit the Family Relay Support Page
  • If you have our BUSINESS RELAY product, please access the support page in your account portal and select "Open a Support Ticket". If you are unable to log in, please reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email the Business Support Team here .

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      Help business customer fix issues, answer questions and use the Relay Pro service.
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    • How to use a Relay+

      How to use your Relay? Powering a Relay Off/On: To power on or power off your Relay hold down the Volume Up (+) button for 5 seconds. Sending a Message: Press and hold the talk button, and say your message. Release the button when finished. Making a ...
    • Light Overview

      Relay+ devices will have three LED lights enabled at all times to indicate current connectivity status. Here is a reference to the LED lights you can see from your device: White LED Arc: 3 White LED lights at the top of the Talk button, indicates ...
    • Relay Dashboard: Account Tab

      Overview The Account page within Dash is where you can manage your Relay account's users, channels, and additional settings. The account page consists of the following sub-categories: Fleet Overview Fleet overview serves as your home screen within ...
    • How to Contact Support

      Objective Contact Relay Support Environment/Applies To Account Portal Procedure Go to and click Sign In Click Sign In Log in with your email address and password Phone Support Click Phone Support Enter your number ...
    • How to Use the Relay Translate Feature

      Objective Learn how to use the translate feature from a Relay device Environment/Applies To Relay devices on a Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan Procedure Press and hold the Relay Assistant button on a relay and say "Translate [language]" where [language] ...