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  • If you have our  FAMILY RELAY  product   please use the " ? " icon in your app or  visit the Family Relay Support Page
  • If you have our BUSINESS RELAY product, please access the support page in your account portal and select "Open a Support Ticket". If you are unable to log in, please reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email the Business Support Team here .

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      Help business customer fix issues, answer questions and use the Relay Pro service.
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    • Relay Device Troubleshooting Guide

      Relay Device Not Powering On/Unresponsive Issue presented as: No LEDs appearing on the Relay after being connected to a charger for 3+ hours No response from Relay (vibrations, messages, LEDs) Relay device appears to have no charge, last seen in App ...
    • How to use a Relay+

      How to Use A Relay+   Welcome to Relay: How does Relay+ work from Relay on Vimeo. Powering a Relay Off/On: To power on or power off your Relay hold down the Volume Up (+) button for 5 seconds.                                Sending a Message: Press ...
    • Relay Dashboard: Account Tab

      ​ Dash Account: Go to and sign in using your email and password. This will take you to your personal Dash view that allows you to manage and communicate with your fleet.  Fleet Overview: This tab will show you a quick overview of ...
    • Light Overview

      Relay+ devices will have three LED lights enabled at all times to indicate current connectivity status. Here is a reference to the LED lights you can see from your device: White LED Arc: 3 White LED lights at the top of the Talk button, indicates ...
    • Relay Connectivity & Service Performance

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Three red LEDs appearing on ...